Temple Days
Purchase Tickets: http://bit.ly/1OKEgUG

Event Info:
– The Springs
– 608 Mateo Street
Los Angeles CA 90021
– May 3, 2015
– Doors open at 10:30am
– All Ages
– Please bring a yoga mat    & a blanket.

In anticipation of Lightning in a Bottle, Do LaB and Project Butterfly have come together to bring you an ultimate event pre-party: Temple Days, “A Day in the Life of the Lucent Temple of Consciousness.”  Now you can come get a taste, practice, learn, share, indulge in what a most delectable day is at the Lucent Temple of Consciousness at Lightning in a Bottle.

The FULL day will be comprised of the following offerings:  opening ceremony, mind expanding meditations, yoga, breath work, interactive workshops, delicious raw organic vegan meals by the springs, keynote speaker, soul shaking movement & dance classes, provocative councils, men & women circles, illuminating live performance, ecstatic dance, DJs, musicians, art, vendors, and a closing ceremony.

David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe – Health, Eco, Nutrition, and Natural Beauty Expert
Dream Rockwell – Co-Founder of LIB and Creator of Lucent Dossier Experience

Mark Whitwell – Master Yogi, Author, Founder of Heart of Yoga
Micheline Berry – Yogini, Artist, Dancer, Founder of Liquid Asana
Lucent Dossier Experience with Jen Shields, Maggie Lally
& an Aerial Performance by Alicia Marie
Shamans Dream – dj set
INGA – Musical Performance
Ayaserpent – Snake Dance
Miranda Rondeau – Opening Ceremony Invocation
Mistress of Ceremony – PLUMA
Eva Clay – The Art of Ecstatic Intimacy
Robert Kandell & Michelle Wright – The Elevated Expansive Explosive Entrepreneur
Michael Brian Baker – Transformational Breathwork
Fernando Bright Feathers – Belonging Shamanic Dance
Fransini – Samba Class
Wilpower [Air Force Crew] – Breakdancing & Popping Class
Tijae – Dancehall Fusion Class
Mens Circle with Zat Baraka
Womens Circle with Joanne Ameya Cohen
Naada Guerra & Gianna Mia de la Torre – Spirituality for NextGen Leaders
Jordan Nice – Radhika Hersey – Jef Logan – Griffin One

Find out more of Lightning in a Bottle: http://bit.ly/1EH9uph

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