With DIRTYBIRD Campout just days away, all of us are excited to dance through the night while camping under the stars with the DIRTYBIRD crew.  In addition to shakin’ your booty at the Birdhouse and Late Night Lodge, we’re also excited for the fun activities they have planned for the three-day event! Here are our top 8 must-do things for the full DIRTYBIRD CAMPOUT experience!

8.  Field Games
The DIRTYBIRD crew did their very best to make this exactly like your childhood summer camp. They have added so many games and activities that your schedule is pretty much set all day! With boat relays, dodgeball, archery, and slip-n-slide, you are sure to share a laugh with your friends and  meet a ton of new people (that also have good taste in music like you). Check out the schedule below to plan ahead!

7.  The BBQs
As many of you know, DIRTYBIRD Campout follows the end of the DIRTYBIRD BBQ tour. It only makes sense that your favorite camp counselors will bring you not one, but TWO delicious BBQs! This is an awesome feast you don’t want to miss! Make sure you purchase your BBQ ticket in advance. Please note that this ticket is separate from the event pass. You can make your purchase here.

6.  Creative Insight Workshop
If you are the creative type, then checking out the Creative Insight Workshop is a must! Come by to be inspired as well as receive tips on how to focus your creative energy.

5.  Yoga
One of the best parts about camping at music festivals of today include getting your yoga on before the festivities.  With 8 yoga instructors, 7 classes, and 3 different styles, you will feel ready to take on the rest of the day after going.  The DIRTYBIRD crew also brought out a collective from Seattle, knowns as Yo Yo Yoga that perfectly blends yoga and electronic music. You can find out more about each yoga instructor and their times on the site. FYI it’s BYOYM (bring your own yoga mat), so don’t forget!

4.  Interactive Environments
DBC Grand Artique
If you have never seen Imagine Nation, The Fungineers, or the Grand Artique before, then we highly recommend you take some time to check all three out! Each crew brings a unique artistic liveliness to different festivals across America. You are guaranteed to have a great time to make sure you stop by! For more information, please visit the site.


3.  Storytelling and S’mores
Now I’m a sucker for anything involving chocolate, especially when it results in s’mores! This is why this is high up on my list. If you are a chocolate lover and enjoy scary stories, you will definitely want to check this out! You can stop by the campfire either on Friday from 3 – 4:30 AM or on Saturday from 3 – 4 AM. If you’re not too fond of stories and just want the s’mores, you can check out the Sing-A-Long & S’mores session or the Late Night S’mores session.

2.  Scavenger Hunt
Who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt? You could be 5 or 95, scavenger hunts are always fun! It is going to be quite a site seeing all the attendees running around the entire grounds searching for items to mark off their list. We don’t know what the prize will be for winning, but we know it’s going to be good!

1. Standup Comedy Show
On top of talented lineup, s’mores, archery, and BBQs, DIRTYBIRD is also bringing you a comedy night. Get ready to laugh at the Bunkhouse Comedy Night going on Saturday night 9pm-11:30pm hosted by Eric Toms. With appearances on Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and more, this stacked lineup of comedian will surely make you laugh your worries away. So grab a drink before the show and enjoy!
For more info: http://dirtybirdcampout.com/comedy/

DBC Yoga

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