DIRTYBIRD CAMPOUT: Inside the Birdhouse

This past weekend Dirtybird’s newest event known as Dirtybird Campout, took place at Oak Canyon Park in Silverado, CA. To many fans of the record label, it served as the grand finale of the Dirtybird BBQ tour. To quote the coveted and sold out Dirtybird Campout zip up hoodie, “all your favorite DJs” were there. The talented lineup included the likes of Claude VonStroke, Justin Martin, Christian Martin, J.Phlip, Kill Frenzy, Justin Jay, Ardalan, Billy Kenny and so many more!


For all the hardcore Dirtybird fans, this was considered as THE ONLY EVENT to be at for the weekend. From sunset to sunrise, from clear skies to muddy waters, the music was bumpin’ and the good vibes were flowin’. On top of a star-studded roster, Dirtybird also added a twist to the event by setting a summer camp theme. The ultimate concept behind Dirtybird Campout was just to have fun and let your inner child come play and dance for the weekend. Campers from all over the United States did just that, arriving to the grounds in such good spirits ready to take on the weekend.

By the time I arrived to the grounds on Friday afternoon, some people had their camps already set up, some were just unloading, and others were still on their way. Upon finding a good camping spot and unloading my gear, my festival neighbors greeted me and offered to help set up the tent. I was definitely grateful and passed it on by offering my help when other neighbors arrived. Even when I was walking through the campsites towards the stage, I saw everyone helping everyone set up. Also, one camp brought a giant bounce house so anyone could come by and bounce for a bit. All of this definitely reflected the tone of the weekend, friendly vibes all around!


The Birdhouse was the main stage and really the only stage, that is until 2am hit. Then the only stage until 7am was the Late Night Lodge, which was known as the after party stage or the disco nap first then after party stage. The Friday lineup started a little after 3pm and by the time Mikey Lion took the stage, the crowd was ready to go. The whole night the DJs connected and vibed with the crowd. Actually, this was the case for the whole weekend. Plus, no one was packed into one area so there was plenty of room to dance. That’s always a good thing. Personal favorite sets of the weekend include Justin Jay, Billy Kenny, Mikey Lion, and Claude VonStroke. One beautiful musical moment of the weekend that must be spotlighted was when campers were literally getting down and dirty to Christian and Justin Martin. While the Martin brothers played drum and bass during sunrise, the rain poured down leaving the festival grounds a muddy dance floor. It was dirty and it was beautiful.

IMG_3203  IMG_4124IMG_4008  IMG_3246

Games and activities also held a major role for the weekend. I mean, that was the whole point of summer camp, right? There was so much to do and so little time. First, you had to register to play and then the counselors assigned you a colored team. From there you could play a game of kickball, dodge ball, mini golf, or be a part of boat relays. You could also wake up from a long night of dancing, go on a nature walk then let your body unwind with some yoga. Or, you could get festival ready by tie-dying your shirt followed by getting your face painted. There was really an activity for every type of person. I mean, from a slip-n-slide to archery, there was always a game or activity you wanted to participate in.


There were also other events such as s’mores, blackout bingo, a talent show, and comedy night. Excluding the s’mores, all of these events took place at a stage called the Bunks. During the comedy show, Kevin Shea had quite a leopard heckler who was throwing tiny balls onto the stage and wanted the microphone. Then Claude VonStroke arose from the middle of the crowd, hugged the man in a leopard onesie, and took him to the side of the stage. Then, during Tome Rhodes’ set, someone came over and threw a baby doll on-stage so he made the doll dance for the crowd. All the comedians were playing off the vibes of the festival and their sets were well received.

IMG_3908 IMG_3940

By the time Sunday morning came around, mud was everywhere because of the morning showers. Tents, shoes, faces, outfits, doll heads, and so much more were covered in mud. The mud didn’t stop the festival or vibes though, it just added to it in a special way. Everyone just danced harder and it was a perfect way to end the event.


I’ve been to a ton of music festivals and events in my lifetime. Dirtybird Campout has easily become one of my new favorites and definitely my favorite event of the year thus far.

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Article and Pictures by Dominica Murillo (a.k.a Ms. Indigo Jones from OTHERMUSIC)


DIRTYBIRD Campout Map + Schedule

DIRTYBIRD CAMPOUT is just ONE WEEK AWAY!!! You’re favorite camp counselors have posted the map and released the schedules for the music lineup and the camp activities.


Camp Map. Click to Enlarge.

Now you can plan out what activities you want to part-take in and when you need to go see your favorite artist play! You definitely don’t want to miss out on anything so make sure you plan ahead!!!

DBC Music Schedule

Music Schedule. Click to Enlarge.

Games & Activities Schedule. Click to Enlarge

You can still purchase tickets online here. REMEMBER, ticket prices will increase on 9/27 at midnight! So do yourself a favor, save some money, have an awesome weekend and just purchase your tickets before Sunday!

8 Must-Do’s for the Full DIRTYBIRD CAMPOUT Experience

With DIRTYBIRD Campout just days away, all of us are excited to dance through the night while camping under the stars with the DIRTYBIRD crew.  In addition to shakin’ your booty at the Birdhouse and Late Night Lodge, we’re also excited for the fun activities they have planned for the three-day event! Here are our top 8 must-do things for the full DIRTYBIRD CAMPOUT experience!

8.  Field Games
The DIRTYBIRD crew did their very best to make this exactly like your childhood summer camp. They have added so many games and activities that your schedule is pretty much set all day! With boat relays, dodgeball, archery, and slip-n-slide, you are sure to share a laugh with your friends and  meet a ton of new people (that also have good taste in music like you). Check out the schedule below to plan ahead!

7.  The BBQs
As many of you know, DIRTYBIRD Campout follows the end of the DIRTYBIRD BBQ tour. It only makes sense that your favorite camp counselors will bring you not one, but TWO delicious BBQs! This is an awesome feast you don’t want to miss! Make sure you purchase your BBQ ticket in advance. Please note that this ticket is separate from the event pass. You can make your purchase here.

6.  Creative Insight Workshop
If you are the creative type, then checking out the Creative Insight Workshop is a must! Come by to be inspired as well as receive tips on how to focus your creative energy.

5.  Yoga
One of the best parts about camping at music festivals of today include getting your yoga on before the festivities.  With 8 yoga instructors, 7 classes, and 3 different styles, you will feel ready to take on the rest of the day after going.  The DIRTYBIRD crew also brought out a collective from Seattle, knowns as Yo Yo Yoga that perfectly blends yoga and electronic music. You can find out more about each yoga instructor and their times on the site. FYI it’s BYOYM (bring your own yoga mat), so don’t forget!

4.  Interactive Environments
DBC Grand Artique
If you have never seen Imagine Nation, The Fungineers, or the Grand Artique before, then we highly recommend you take some time to check all three out! Each crew brings a unique artistic liveliness to different festivals across America. You are guaranteed to have a great time to make sure you stop by! For more information, please visit the site.


3.  Storytelling and S’mores
Now I’m a sucker for anything involving chocolate, especially when it results in s’mores! This is why this is high up on my list. If you are a chocolate lover and enjoy scary stories, you will definitely want to check this out! You can stop by the campfire either on Friday from 3 – 4:30 AM or on Saturday from 3 – 4 AM. If you’re not too fond of stories and just want the s’mores, you can check out the Sing-A-Long & S’mores session or the Late Night S’mores session.

2.  Scavenger Hunt
Who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt? You could be 5 or 95, scavenger hunts are always fun! It is going to be quite a site seeing all the attendees running around the entire grounds searching for items to mark off their list. We don’t know what the prize will be for winning, but we know it’s going to be good!

1. Standup Comedy Show
On top of talented lineup, s’mores, archery, and BBQs, DIRTYBIRD is also bringing you a comedy night. Get ready to laugh at the Bunkhouse Comedy Night going on Saturday night 9pm-11:30pm hosted by Eric Toms. With appearances on Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and more, this stacked lineup of comedian will surely make you laugh your worries away. So grab a drink before the show and enjoy!
For more info: http://dirtybirdcampout.com/comedy/

DBC Yoga

#DIRTYBIRDcampout – Episode 102: Playlist 9/22/15

Artist – Song Title (* indicates new release)

Sonny Fodera – Trainsurfing

Genghis Clan & Will Clarke – Jackintosh

Mikey Lion – Drum Formulas

Jesse Rose – Touch ‘N’ Tease

Sacha Robotti & Kevin Knapp – Thump Bumper

J. Phlip & Chris Lorenzo – Lights

A1 Bassline – Girl Thing (Christian Martin remix)

Claude Von Stroke Mix

Ryan Wells – Biscuits

Kill Frenzy – Booty Clap

DJ Blaqstarr – Shake it to the Ground (Claude Von Stroke Remix)

Brandon Boucher & Billy Kenny – Those Days

Doorly – Now 97


DIRTYBIRD CAMPOUT: Updates + Ticket Giveaway

Only 2 more weeks until Dirtybird Campout!

If you already purchased your ticket and you are slowly starting to pack, then make sure you check out J.PHLIP’S Festival Camping Essentials.

Also, here are 5 Places You’ll Find Christian Martin at the Dirtybird Campout When He’s Not On Stage.

If you want to go but haven’t bought tickets yet, here’s your chance! We are doing one last giveaway to this event. Tune in to OTHERMUSIC this Tuesday night from 10pm – Midnight for your chance to WIN 1 PAIR OF TICKETS TO DIRTYBIRD CAMPOUT!

For More Info: http://dirtybirdcampout.com/

#DIRTYBIRDcampout – Episode 99: Playlist 9/01/15

Artist – Song Title (* indicates new release)

Claude VonStroke – Make A Cake*

Mikey Lion – Tribute

The Chemical Brothers – Go ft. Q.Tip (Claude VonStroke Remix)*

Justin Jay – Femme Fatale

J. Phlip – Say My Name

Justin Jay – How Goes the Dynamite?

Lee Foss – Brooklyn in the House

Lovebirds feat. Stee Downes – In The Shadows (Billy Kenny Remix)*

Billy Kenny – I Eat Beats (Ardalan Remix)*

Abby Jane & Billy Kenny – Touch It

Worthy – Shy Look

Disciples – They Don’t Know (Justin Jay Remix)

Kill Frenzy – XXX ft. Astrid

Claude VonStroke – Barrump*

Justin Martin – Buggin

&Me – Woods*

Marshall Jefferson vs. Noosa Heads – Mushrooms (Justin Martin Remix)

Jesse Rose – Love The Feeling High feat. Ed Weathers (Blaine Lake Remix)

Christian Martin – Bell Murray

Breach – Grey Matter

Alex Metric – Rave Weapon (Mark Starr Remix)