#OthermusiC Episode 18: Playlist 1/28/14

 photo twospirits_zpsaaddc7ce.jpg

Artist – Song Title (* indicates new release)

Mala – Changes
London Future & Djemba Djemba – Look at Me Now feat. Ifa Sayo
Oliver – MYB
Nanpa Noir – Nanpa Noir (KR$CHN Remix)*

Clean Bandit – Rather Be feat. Jess Glynne (L W K Y Remix)*

Grimes – Genesis (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)
FLXXDS- The Devil Inside*

Paper Diamond & Protohype- PaperHype

Phaelah – Storm (Applebottom Remix)

Audiosynthes – In November*

Full Crate x Mar – Nobody Else

First Choice – Love and Hapiness (Dphish Remix)*

Hucci – Ball So Hard (Moonkay Remix)

Kai Wachi – Medusa*

Hundred Waters – Boreal (Blood Diamonds Remix)
Milo & Otis – #FESTMUNCH*

Hush x Syrup – Geisha (Miggo Remix)*

KR$CHN & Joan of Art – Coming Down*

ASTR – Operate (KAOS Remix)*

SevnthWonder – The Ri$e feat. Vince Ryouta*

Woolymammoth – Foul Play*

Toni Romiti – Miss Me (Dj Sliink Remix ft. DJ Bake)*

Pat Lock – Same Hearts ft. Bear Mountain*

XXYYXX – Witching Hour

Incipe – Deceptus*

Janita – That’s How LIfe Goes (Neguim Beats Remix)

#OthermusiC Episode 17: Playlist 1/21/14

 photo Have-fun-image-have-fun-36497829-1200-711_zps23e4539c.jpg

Artist – Song Title (*indicates new release)

Burial – Rival Dealer (from KUCI Library) *
Feral – Rollercoaster*

Sweet Random – Mutie Savior
Sweater Beats – Do It For Me (cestladore bootleg)*
Kai Wachi – Bad Habit*

heRobust – Get Busted*

Keys N Krates – All The Time (Tove Lo Flip)*

Sinjin Hawke & Just Blaze – One*
Sango – Pa Mala*

Dj Earl – WTF?!? Life Sent It Up*

Boeboe – Drift*
SLUGABED – Waterfalls*
FVLCRVM – Gospel of Juke*

Look – What We Need
Nevafade – Catching Silhouettes*
Rise At Night – Fingerprints ft. Virus Syndicate (Liquid Stranger Remix)*

Falcons – Sumbody
Sango feat. Spzrkt – Middle of Things (Stwo Remix)*

Kito & Reija Lee – Sweet Talk (Lazerdisk Remix)*

Boy Kid Cloud – I Won’t Rest (Notixx Bootleg)*

Munchi – Reality Check*
Quarry – I Saw Your Face
Mr. Probz – Waves (4souls Bootleg)
Rise At Night – Really Real ft. Germfree (Kennedy Jones Remix)*
Mazuma – Nerves*
BLVCK – Shangri – LA*
Black Tiger Sex Machine – Rezorecta (Kai Wachi Remix)
Feral – Haymaker*

#OthermusiC Episode 16: Playlist 1/15/14

 photo maxresdefault_zps10fce4dc.jpg

Artist – Song Title (* indicates new release)

1. Gessafelstein – Hate Or Glory
2. staRo – Waiting *
3. Regulators & Yook!e – Chambers*

4. gLAdiator – Ain’t It*

5. Skye Chai – Polarise*

6. Kimberly Cole – Found Better (Dr. Fresch Remix)

7. staRo – Feeling For You*

8.badbad – Someone New (Dr.Fresch Remix)*

9. Quintino & MOTi – Dynamite ft. Taylr Renee ( Yellow Claw Remix)*

10. Showtek – We Like To Party  ( Slander & NGHTMRE Festival Trap Edit) *



13. Creaky Jackals – PLVCK*

14. Husky – Moments*

15. KR$CHN & Joan of Art – Coming Down *

16. Louis Futon – Fish Grease ft. Monty Cold
17. Butch Clancy – Russian Lullaby (Candyland Remix)*

18. Feasterz – Cha Cha Cha
19. Dirty Chocolate – KRU

20. Dillon Francis – Without You (Torro Torro Remix)*
21. Gessaffelstein x Dr. Dre x Snoop – Next Hellifornia (SwaggeleRock West Coast Edit)*

22. Strehlow – Ride*

23. Juke Ellington – Twonk HorN*

24. RiFF RAFF – Rose Gold Stripper Pole (Twerkillaz Remix)*

25. Goldroom – Embrace (SEE TAI Remix)*

26. Happy Colors & LNA – Sumbate
27. Trombonga – Morrison
28.  Bodhi – Entropy*

29. Nicolas Jar – With Just One Glance

#OthermusiC Episode 15: Playlist 1/7/14

 photo bigwild-nativeechoes-floppyversion_zps6ec5de8f.jpg

Artist – Song Title (* indicates new release)

1. Banks- Waiting Game (KUCI LIBRARY)
2. Darkside – Golden Arrow (KUCI LIBRARY)*
3. ATU – Doubts*

4. ATU – Close*
5. ATU – Soul Child

6. Kit Pop – Just Another Day*

7. Flosstradamus – Mosh Pit ft. Casino (Kayzo Edit)*

8. Big Chocolate x Sir Mix-A-Lot -Baby Got Milk (Emoh Instead Edit)

9. Falcons – Be Quiet*
 11. Green Latern & Craze – Rocket Launcher!

12. Luniz – I Got 5 on it ( WHIITE X ETC!ETC! Remix)*

13. Jacuzzi – Tundra*

14. TroyBoi X Big Wild – Decorous*

15. Partynextdoor – Break From Toronto (James Dean Remix)
16. Big Wild – As the Rain Falls*

17. Siriusmo – Nights Off (Djemba Djemba Remix)*

18. King Henry – i smoke, i drink*

19. Marty Party – Desert Crunk
20. Brillz & ETC!ETC! – Old School
21. Lil Mama – Lip Gloss (Gold Top Remix)

22. Flosstradamus – Assquake

23. What So Not – Touched*

24. Wallace & Look Out – Emulsion*

25. Hydrabadd – Ice Chasm (Flowmotions Remix)*

26. Leon T Pearl – If You’re Still There*

27. Objectives – Fantasy
28. Just a Gent & Kasbo – Sovereign feat. Jon*

29. Digital Farm Animals – Adore feat. Ofei

30. Leaderboy – Wicked in This Neighbourhood

31. Canblaster – I Can’t Wait*
32. Katie Got Bandz feat. King I – Pop Out

#OthermusiC Episode 14: Sub Playlist 12/31/13

Thank you to Mike Kaspar for subbing our show! Mike hosts filmschool airing on Fridays 9-10 AM. Mike also co-hosts Weekly Signals on Fridays 8-9 AM.

Artist – Song Title (* indicates new release)

Alias and Ehren – Oman Ruosis Iht
Dimitri From Paris – Sacre Francais
St. Germain – Rose Rouge
Propellerheads – History Repeating
Sofa Surfers – Sofa Rockers (Richard Dorfmeister Remix)
Brian Eno – Kurt’s Rejoinder
Sneaker Pimps – Underground (Nellee Hooper’s Remix)
Death in Vegas – Opium Shuffle
LTJ Bukem – Tonight
Tango – Spellbound
JMJ & Flytronix – In Too Deep
James Bong – Never Say?
Kruder & Dorfmeister – DJ Kicks
Nina Simone (Verve Remix) – See-Line Woman
Mum – I’m 9 Today
Mum – There Is A Number Of Small Things
Massive Attack – Karmacoma
Tosca – Ladies & Gentleman
Tosca – Pont Des Arts
The Avalanches – Live at Dominoes
Peter Kruder – Tanto Tempo
Mark Rae – Goto
Godley & Creme – Cry
Leftfield – Dusted

Interview with Louisahhh!

This is an interview I did last year. I sat down with LOUISAHHH!!! during WMC in Miami on March 21, 2013 right before she hit the stage for a back to back set with Brodinski, Gesaffelstein and Monsieur Monsieur of Bromance Records. I really enjoyed speaking with LOUISAHHH!!!. She was very insightful and inspiring with her answers.

WOLFshoes: What made you want to start making music and at what point did you realize you wanted to DJ?

Louisahhh!: My dad worked in music when I was growing up and still does so even when I was like “My parents don’t understand me” and like super bummed and pissed and a teenager filled with angst that was always a point of connection and relation for me and my dad. Then, I grew up and started taking piano lessons when I was seven and classical guitar. I thought I wanted to be a jazz guitarist, which is like the nerdiest possible instrumentalist to be. Like jazz guitar! I was like going into college and instead of being a jazz guitarist I took up drugs and when I started kind of like going out, I had a bunch of friends who had clubs or party nights growing up in New York and so I would DJ just for fun and then a friend taught me how to beat match and all of the anxiety I felt when I was performing my music or playing instruments in bands was lifted when I was DJing. I didn’t get any performance anxiety. So I started DJing non-stop and started partying really hard and then I got sent to rehab and stopped drinking and using and it made me love music even more because that became the best drug.

WOLFshoes: What was the club scene like in New York?

Louisahhh!: When I first started going out it was mostly seeing bands and like the bands that were really fun at that point were like Ratatat, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Interpol, The Strokes and like seeing them at shitty clubs and then that kind of turned into like this party called Misshapes which was mostly like not dance music at all. They would play like Madonna’s “Hung Up” like 4 times in a night and it would somehow be acceptable but it’s how I met like a lot of people that are doing this today like all the Trouble and Bass guys I met there. I went to high school with Luka. It was like a really tight small scene that a lot of people have graduated out of in a cool way. It’s interesting to watch how dance music warped from like 2003, 2004 until now. Especially in America, it’s crazy to watch and actually I feel like I’m starting to play a lot of the same tracks I was playing in like 2006 because they are sounding relevant again. I really love the end of electro clash and what we think of as electronic music now.

WOLFshoes: Have you ever been to winter music conference?

Louisahhh!: Yeah this is like my sixth year.

WOLFshoes: Did you used to go to the panels at the actual conference?

Louisahhh!: No we’ve only ever played around at crazy parties. I feel like it’s a weird thing now that it’s split too. It kind of saddens me because are we here for spring break or are we here as a community of musicians and artists, entertainers and DJs. Who is this for? It’s a little bit confusing. It’s sorting itself out though.

WOLFshoes: If you could do a panel at Winter Music Conference what topic would you want to discuss?

Louisahhh!: I’m really interested in women in dance music and how do we better create a community that is not competitive, not caddy but really supportive, has more integrity amongst itself because I think that’s a hard thing. Sometimes I feel like we are often pitted against each other and then also I’m interested in how America is finding itself beyond EDM. Where’s the underground, this is what’s mainstream now and how do we cultivate a domestic scene.

WOLFshoes: What advice do you have for young producers?

Louisahhh!: I would say do something everyday for your art. What ever it is. If you’re not feeling particularly inspired it doesn’t matter show up for your work. Creative discipline is really important and if you’re not able to make a song that day, write. If you’re not able to write, draw. If you’re not able to draw, listen to music. There’s a very high rate of consuming inspiration and outputting work. Just keep making work.

WOLFshoes: Do you feel the electronic music scene is more welcoming to female producers now than when you first started?

Louisahhh!: I think there is an amazing group of really talented, really wonderful women internationally and that’s really exciting however I think it’s really up to us to be role models and to treat each other as such, as peers and to behave in a way that we want female fans of dance music to behave because you see so much groupie culture in the DJ world. It’s repulsive and upsetting. We don’t get it as much because men are terrified of the ego rejection that would come from approaching a female in a position of power I think in a lot of ways. We have to behave in a way that encourages us and supports each other. There’s a party in Paris called Girls, Girls, Girls that’s a really good example of that. Anna Lunoe, Gina Turner, Star Eyes and Jubilee are all doing awesome work here and it’s like let’s work together on this because it’s really disappointing to watch this weird trolling aggressively, sexual behavior and like especially in the rave scene like eww. So let’s act like ladies.

WOLFshoes: Your new EP is coming out in April and what can we expect from that?

Louisahhh!: It’s something I’m so excited about. I’m proud of. It’s been a long time coming. I hope you love it as much as I do.