PAUL VAN DYK Coming to Sutra May 14th

PAUL VAN DYK COMING TO SUTRA MAY 14thPaul van Dyk - The Politics of Dancing 3

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Sutra – 1870 Harbor Blvd. Costa Mesa CA
May 14, 2015
This event is 21+
Doors open at 9pm

Internationally renowned producer Paul van Dyk will release his highly anticipated album The Politics of Dancing 3 on Monday, May 4.  In support of the new album, Paul van Dyk just released his new single “What We’re Living For,” a collaboration with cult studio-head Michael Tsukerman and young-gun Californian indie-rocker Patrick Droney as an Instant Grat Track when pre-ordering the album.  Among PvD’s 23 collaborators on the album are Ummet Ozcan, Aly & Fila, Roger Shah, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Sue McLaren, Betsie Larkin, Tricia McTeague, Fisher, Genix, Jordan Suckley, Las Salinas and Mark Eteson.  This album reflects the quantum change in dance music’s fabric since The Politics of Dancing 2’s release in 2005. PvD elaborates,

“So many things have changed within the music industry since the last ‘Politics.’ The way we make and produce music, how we release music and, of course, how we all consume it. That’s natural. That’s evolution. The third ‘Politics Of Dancing’ though needed to address that and have a different approach to the first two. The answer in how to do that lays in musical cooperation & artistic collaboration. To me, making music is one of the most stimulating, fun and fulfilling things to do in this world,” he continues. “Doing it with friends and people you admire makes it that much more enjoyable still. So, maybe a little later than people might have anticipated…‘Politics 3’ has come to life.”

It is available for pre-order now at

Listen to a teaser of “What We’re Livin For”:

What Would J.E.S.u.S. Play? – Episode 81: Playlist 4/28/15

J.E.S.u.S. = Jackmaster, Eats Everything, Skream, and Seth Troxler

Artist – Song Title (* indicates new release)

Squarepusher – Exjag Nives* (from KUCI library)
Squarepusher – Baltang Arg* (from KUCI library)
Alan Fitzpatrick – For An Endless Night (Jel Ford Remix)
Sami Koivikko – Pääjääsä
DJ Chus, Stefano Noferini, Pablo Ceballos – Mamasitas *
Umek – You Might Hear Nothing
Mark Reeve – I Need You (Luigi Madonna Remix)
Traumer – Perciasif
Conamore – I’ve Got This  Feeling (Ben Macklin Remix)
Kele Okereke – Candy Flip
EJECA – Jalek
Vhyce – Be The Same
Shadow Child feat. Tymer – Kry Wolf VIP
Dusky – Love Taking Over
Bodhi – 88
Seth Troxler – CZ*
Ossie – The Buzz (Flava D Remix)*
Riton – Inside My Head (Aeroplane Remix)
Rebecca & Fiona – Letters (Hnny remix)

Flosstradamus Talks Soundclash EP, Helicopters and Their HDYNATION Take Over

During Coachella Weekend 2, Josh Young (J2K) and Curt Cameruci (Autobot) of Flosstradamus sat downand spoke with Ms. Indigo Jones and WOLFshoes about their new Soundclash EP, HDYNation tour, helicopters, and vitamins.

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You’re releasing your Soundclash EP on 4/20. What can we expect from the EP?

Josh: “The whole concept behind the EP is just collaborations. So we’ve done that a lot in the past with other artists and stuff but this was something where we set out to put together a whole collection of music, because a lot of times we release songs individually, like one song at a time. We put together a whole 6 song EP that’s built off of collaborating with other artists and taking the strengths from us as well as other people and putting them together. So it’s truthfully a sound clash and mixing of different types of styles and different types of sounds.

HDYFest will be your Soundclash EP release party. Is there a specific reason why you chose Austin, Texas as the location for the event and will it differ from the HDYNation tour?

Josh: “Yeah it’s going to differ from HDYNation tour in a sense that HDYNation Tour was a really big, massive stage set up, kind of the biggest production that we’ve done so far. This is going to be something a little more scaled back and more fun, kind of just on a block party vibe. So we’re just really trying to do something that mimics the feel that you get when you’re just hanging out and listening to music with friends and just kind of turning up in the back yard of Stub’s BBQ. The reason we chose Austin is because we love Austin. We haven’t played there in ages. We missed SXSW this year because we were on tour in Australia so we thought it would be a really good place to do it. It’s 4/20 so it’ll be nice to hang out in one of the best music cities in the world and smoke some weed.”

What’s it been like teaming up with Virgil Abloh to create the interactive set design for your HDYNation tour?

Curtis: “It’s good man, all the stuff we do with him, we design everything so we do the clothing, set design, music, everything you know. We’re hands on. He toured with us the year before on our IRL tour and so we were always just shooting ideas back and forth. When it came to do this tour, it was kind of the same thing. We just got on a few calls. He had done the Yeezus tour and designed all of that, and he also designed Travi$ Scott’s tour and a lot of other people’s so he was just spitballing with us and we just kind of came together and created it all. It was all-natural. He’s from Chicago as well so it was just second nature to do it with him.”

If you were given an unlimited budget, no laws applied, just free range to do whatever you would like at a show/ tour, what would you like to do?

Josh: “There’s a lot of ideas we’ve had over the past few years that have been shut down for several reasons. Whether it’d be illegal, or too expensive but most of them involve helicopters, so I’m going to say that if we had unlimited budget and no rules applied we would probably do something involving lots of helicopters.”

Do you have any touring rituals?

Josh: “Absolutely, this guy,” pointing to Curtis, “is more on the ritual side of things so you can shed some light on that.”

Curtis: “Yeah, yeah, I take vitamins wherever I go and I just keep myself regular because we’re in different time zones and all over the place. Then every morning I get coffee, like I have to have a coffee whenever we travel. It’s actually kind of a cool way to explore cities and stuff too because you have to go hunt for this coffee shop by a cool park or something on the way, so that’s definitely part of being on the road, touring. As for show rituals, nah, I mean I like to be really prepared right until the last minute before we go on. It’s just my thing.”

Josh: “Yeah, he’ll definitely work on the set until the last minute. Even if he doesn’t have to, he’ll just kind of get in that zone because that gets him, I think, in the headspace to work on it. It freshens his memory. I like to do the opposite. I like to just get away from it for a minute and just get my energy up, and start to try and get myself hyped up and get myself emotionally ready to go on stage.”

In a billboard article, David Guetta mentioned that you were his favorite act at Coachella. He also mentioned that after seeing your set and the energy you evoked from your fans, he altered his set list to incorporate more hip-hop. How does it make you feel when you hear things like that?

Curtis: “It’s an honor.”

Josh: “Yeah it makes us feel awesome. It’s good to know that the set is being well received and that also, it’s influencing people that are some of the most influential musicians in the world right now. For us, every time we go out, we always try to do the best to bring the most energy that we possibly can to any stage and it’s always good to see people that are attracted to it who we wouldn’t expect in a million years to be attracted to it. I feel like David Guetta falls within those lines, where it’s like, we would never really imagine that he would be a fan of this but it’s cool to see it can even reach him and affect him in that way.”

What’s it like collaborating with ’47 brand to develop your own clothing line?

Curtis: “That’s been really good. ’47 Brand pretty much gave us free range to do anything we wanted, which was cool. We had a lot of ideas we wanted to do with our own thing, because we have our own clothing line that we do anyway but ’47 Brand was able to give us the higher quality materials, better production, and a lot more freedom that way. It was a good thing. We were able to make better quality stuff for our fans so it’s a good look.”

Josh: “It’s the first time we’ve collaborated it with a company on an entire line of clothing. Like we’ve done an item, like a one off item but it was cool because we did a one off item with them last year, like a couple hats. They came back this year and gave us free reign to do an entire line so that was pretty awesome. It felt like a little validation as a fashion entity outside of just music.”

You DJ’d the first Mad Decent Boat Party and will be part of the second. What was your favorite moment about Mad Decent Boat Party?

Curtis: “My favorite part was, not to be selfish, but it was our set. We played inside of the auditorium. Honestly we saw other sets that whole weekend, but something about that, the energy, like us and everyone on stage, the fans and just being contained in that bubble of that room, it didn’t feel like anything else that whole weekend, for me personally. So that was my personal favorite. Personal, personal favorite, to be able to turn down on the beach the next day was pretty good. Like to actually go to a beach and put my feet in some water.”

Josh: “Yeah that beach was awesome.”

When you first formed Flosstradamus, what were your original goals and how do they compare to where you are now?

Curtis: “Original goals when we first formed were just to throw a party and yeah just do a party in Chicago. That was the initial, very, very first thing. We were young kids trying to hook up with girls and just do the typical DJ thing when we were teenagers. Then we started to grow away from that- more opportunities came. We were able to travel. We had to quit our jobs. It kept snowballing and it got to the point where we had to take it a little more seriously and realized that this could be a really good career if we could work our asses off. Honestly, we’re still not where we need to be. There’s so much more I think we can achieve as Flosstradamus. It’s cool though to go along the whole ride and experience it.”

Do you have any advice for producers just starting out?

Josh: “Yeah, there’s a lot of trends to follow and it’s not to say that you don’t have to like ignore popular music but you have to try and carve your own path. That’s something we did for a long time, which was kind of like keep up with our contemporaries and play catch up with the music that was around us. It was when we decided to go in our own direction and literally make our own lane that was when things really turned around for us. We started to see sort of a different side of music.”

Flosstradamus Avalon 12/2012
Flosstradamus @ Avalon 12/2012. Photo taken by Lily Colovic.

HARD SUMMER 2015 Lineup is Absolute Fire!!!

The Hard Summer lineup just came out today and it is jaw dropping!!!


First, if you weren’t able to go to Coachella, they are bringing you some of those artists such as Caribou, Jamie XX, Mija, The Weekend, Porter Robinson, What So Not, and many more!

Second, Chemical Brothers. LIVE SHOW.

Thirdly, this is a beautiful mix of hip hop and electronic music. With acts like Rae Sremmurd, Young Thug, Schoolboy Q, The Weekend, and Fetty Wap, how are you not going to go both days?!?

Honestly, I can go on and tell you all of the artists we are excited to see but we’ll just post the line up instead, since we want to see everyone.  We are literally shaking with excitement over here! Can it be August already?

There are more artists TBA too! Fingers crossed that they bring J.E.S.u.S.

You can purchase your tickets here! (Please note that individual day tickets and payment plans are available.)

Oh and check out their hilarious Hard Summer trailer too!!!


#Othermusic – Episode 80: Playlist 4/21/15

Artist – Song Title (* indicates new release)

Mark Tarmonea – Adam & Eva*

Dallas Cotton – Sometime ft. Brasstracks*

Layori – UmmmHmmm (TRMN Remix)*

Le Youth – TOUCH (Flaxo Remix)*

Soy Sauce – Thug Panda ft. Andy Milonakis*

Vena Cava – Ohana*

Doujinshi – Summer is Soon*

The M Machine – Don’t Speak (Manila Killa Remix)*

ULU – I Believe

Jay Pryor – I Know

Fan Fiction – l0st*

Headphone Activist – Spring 2015*

BRRIO x Robokid – 4K*

Mordecai – Get Down*

Andrew Pololos – Bring Me Back To Life ft. Andria Piperni*

D.I.M. – Roket*

Ramzoid – Wall Street*

Flosstradamus, Valentino Khan – MFU*
TDY – Thriller*

Flosstradamus, TroyBoi – Soundclash*
Flosstradamus, Ricky Remedy – BYB (Bounce & Break Your Back)*

Volta Cab – Junction*

Burkie – Case of the X

Raye – Bet U Wish (Lucian Remix)*

Stone – Slumber*

Sabrepulse – Flux (Grimecraft Remix)*

Rvdical The Kid – Feels*

Homesick – Pure Gold*

Sun People – For Those Who Are Not As Others*

Shawn Wasabi – Marble Soda (live mashup)*

Coachella Weekend 2 Day 3 – Dancing Under the Disco Shark

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It was day 3, the very last day of my musical adventure. This day was filled some of the biggest artist in the game.  Artists like Jamie XX, Odesza, Gesaffelstein, Kygo, and Stromae were playing. This was the day I was most excited for. I absolutely had to see the disco, deep house super group J.E.S.u.S.

Jillionaire @ Coachella 2015  Jillionaire @ Coachella 2015  Jillionaire, Bunji Garlin & Fay-Ann Lyons Coachella 2015

WOLFshoes and I first went to the Heineken House to see Jillionaire. We walked into the friendliest crowd. Jillionaire along with Bunji Garlin and Fay-Ann Lyons hyped up the crowd. The singers gave their all during the show. In the middle of his set, Jillionaire told all the men to put women on their shoulders. Usually, I never climb on top of a man’s shoulders because I never feel the need. This time was slightly different. Some random man, who happened to be gorgeous, asked me if he could put me on his shoulders. There was no way I could resist saying yes. It definitely added to the experience. I eventually got down and continued to dance.

DSC_0487 2 DSC_0363 2






After Jillionaire we headed towards Gobi to see Jamie XX. He is also known as being a part of The XX. At the beginning the set was slow, making the audience crave more. It’s here when Jamie XX proved to you he could truly control the crowd’s emotions and musical desires. It was interesting to hear and see how he teased the audience. As the set continued, he took a different musical path than what one would expect is next. I was completely in awe of his performance and appreciated all of the minor details.  WOLFshoes and I did not want to leave but there was no way we were going to miss Gesaffelstein’s last live show and one of the very first shows of J.E.S.u.S. so we headed out.

GesaffelsteinAs you entered the Mojave tent, you could hear the crowd whispering, “this is his last live show.” The tent was packed before Gesaffelstein even came on stage. The crowd was filled with excitement and anticipation, since they knew that this would be his last live show. When he came on stage and music started playing, a bright white light lit up behind him.  All the audience could see was the white light and the mysterious shadowy figure that stood in front of it.  I felt like it was the beginning of a dark dream that was full of mystery.  He played many songs from his Aleph album such as “Pursuit,” “Hate or Glory,” “Aleph,” and “Hellifornia.”  In my opinion, if you did not see Gesaffelstein’s set at Coachella then you didn’t really even attend the festival. Even though I wanted to the rest of his set, I had to see J.E.S.u.S.

DSC_0779 2-2  DSC_0756 2-2

I am sure there are a few of you reading this and asking yourself, “how come I did not see J.E.S.u.S. on the lineup?” The answer to your question is that you did see them on the lineup, except they were printed on as J.E.S.+S. I can only assume that this was done to avoid any type of religious controversy.  J.E.S.u.S. is another electronic super group that consists of Jackmaster, Eats Everything, Skream, and Seth Troxler. Before walking into the Yuma tent, I had never seen them live before. I have listened to their music and seen them live as individual artists, but never as a super group. When I walked into the Yuma tent I was more than ecstatic to hear them play. WOLFshoes and I went straight to the middle of the dance floor where we danced under the disco shark all night.  Honestly, there are no words I can say to describe to you how amazing they were. There was not one moment where I stopped dancing. As a music lover, I have gone to more shows than I can count.  This set by J.E.S.u.S. made it in to my top 3 favorite shows of all time.  J.E.S.u.S. definitely gave their fans their musical hearts and souls. They were the best way to end Coachella.

DSC_0699 2

Article by Dominica Murillo.
Photos by Lily Colovic.

Coachella Weekend 2 Day 2 – Pow Wows and Mosh Pits

After seeing the likes of Nero, Lucent Dossier, and Ryan Hemsworth perform the first day, I was more than excited for my musical day 2 adventure.

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When WOLFshoes and I (Ms. Indigo Jones) returned to the festival grounds, we explored some of the Trashed: Art of Recycling bins. Trashed is a small part of Coachella’s sustainability efforts. This is where local artists are given the opportunity to create an artistic design onto a recycle bin.  These lucky artists not only have their art displayed at Coachella, but they also get to attend the festival for free.

Coachella 2015 Coachella 2015 Coachella 2015 Coachella 2015

It was almost time for Cashmere cat to come on so WOLFshoes and I headed over.  The entire tent was packed before he even came on. He was one of few artists that actually came on the exact Cashmere Cat @ Coachella 2015time stated on the schedule. The visuals on the LCD screen were all black and white giving it a simple, yet classic feel.  The crowd didn’t dance much at first but as soon as the “Do You Like” Cashmere Cat remix came on, the energy picked up. Once that song was playing everyone in the crowd was dance and singing, “Do you like….”

We left Cashmere Cat’s set a little early and headed over to interview the Trap duo, Flosstradamus. (Read Interview)

Next on our day 2 must see list was Duke Dumont. Not to my surprise, the entire Sahara tent was packed with dancing fans. I even saw the security guards dancing. Duke Dumont @ Coachella 2015WOLFshoes went up to take pictures and I stayed back in the crowd.  I’m pretty short so I couldn’t get a good look but I did see two additional people on stage, one of which was a drummer.  All three people kept a steady paced set as the attendees danced the night away.  One thing I did notice, everyone was just dancing and no one was talking. I always love it when people are respectful to the music.

A Tribe Called Red @ Coachella 2015A Tribe Called Red was playing at Do LaB. For those who have never heard of A Tribe Called Red, they are an electronic music group that incorporates their Native American heritage into their music and performance. This was my first time seeing them and disappoint. In true Do LaB style, the crowd was chanting along as they heard that recognizable Indian pow wow yell.  On stage, break-dancers were brightly dressed in classic Native American clothing. Their set was a refreshing fusion of hip-hop, dubstep, and traditional pow wow music. During their set I honestly felt that like I was at Lighting in a Bottle already. At one point of the show, I could really loose myself dancing and find myself being mesmerized by this tribal musical force. Also, the best dance crowd dance moves for all of Coachella was during this set.  Everyone was allowing their inner weirdness to come out and enjoy the sounds of the night with A Tribe Called Red.

People began to fill the Coachella stage as we awaited Jack White’s performance. His entire performance, including his band, was outstanding. As he sang and played his guitar he showed you why people consider him a musical genius. One of my favorite moments about his set was when he explained that we are all truly there for the music. We didn’t want to leave Jack White’s set but we also wanted to see all of Flosstradamus, since we interviewed them hours earlier. This is a typical festival predicament. Who do you see when all of your artists play at the same time? In this case, we chose to see all of Flosstradamus’ set.

Flosstradamus @ Coachella 2015

Flosstradamus @ Coachella 2015Walking over to the outdoor stage to see Flosstradamus was a bit of a challenge. The crowd was already packed with their HDYnation fans but somehow we made our way through to the front. As Flosstradamus came out and waved their flags, you could feel the intense energy of the crowd rising. Just like at ACDC, people of all ages were at the Flosstradamus show. The duo hyped up the crowd as they jumped around on stage with their white workout gear and combat suits. In honor of Flosstradamus’ song, the crowd broke in to mosh pits the entire night. Middle fingers were up when “MFU” came on. The crowd became a little too wild so I decided to head to the beer garden for a more relaxed crowd and a refreshing beverage.  Well, the crowd was just as wild for Flosstradamus in the beer garden as it was in front of the stage. Even though it was just as wild, we stayed because their was more dancing space. Personally, I have such a soft spot for a place with dancing room. Also, just in case you were wondering, yes there were mosh pits in the beer garden too. Once they played Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen” the crowd went wild again. I know I did, because that song is on my current playlist. At the end of their set, they thanked everyone for coming out to their set and even mentioned Kanye as guest. Later, the Coachella audience realized they were referring to Kanye’s surprise appearance at The Weekend. Overall, Flosstradamus controlled the crowd’s energy perfectly. Their set was my personal favorite for day 2.

Flosstradamus @ Coachella 2015

For the last set of the night we decided to see the legendary Annie Mac. We encountered another line but this one was outside the Yuma tent. I was not surprised though. Yuma tent has a limited entry and when a music icon like Annie Mac is playing, you would be foolish to not expect a line. This one seemed to wrap around and around, but just like then line for Heineken House, it moved pretty fast. Before I knew it, I was inside the very humid Yuma tent. Sand was on the floor, so you could slide if you wanted to. Being a person young at heart, of course, I slid as I entered onto the dance floor. When you look up in the Yuma tent you see the famous Disco Shark, which people from LA recognize from Sound Nightclub. There were also disco balls everywhere. It was dimly lit and the energy of the crowd had me feeling like I was back in Ibiza. As I look up to see Annie Mac on the decks, I notice she was in white too. I couldn’t help but wonder, was there an all white memo? It must have been because of the desert sun. Annie Mac’s set provided a steady grooving sound. Her set also had me feeling like I was already at the after party. While the floor was filled with dancers, the walls were lined with people sitting down, drained from partying all day. Annie Mac was a good choice for closing Saturday night. As her set ended, I felt content and ready for day 3.

Article by Dominica Murillo.
Photos by Lily Colovic.

Coachella 2015 Weekend 2 Day 1 – Lost In a Festival Dream

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Coachella 2015 was filled with a remarkable lineup! With artists such as Trippy Turtle, Flosstradamus, J.E.S.u.S. (aka J.E.S+S), SBTRKT, Squarepusher, A Tribe Called Red and many more, WOLFshoes and I (Ms. Indigo Jones) knew we had to venture to the festival grounds and bring you event coverage.

Coachella 2015We attended weekend 2 of the festival. Besides the heat, it was the perfect Coachella experience.  Weekend 2 was less crowded, which meant more room to dance and enjoy the music. In addition to being less crowded, artists were able to provide a better performance than weekend 1 because they were able to work out any kinks that occurred during that time. Also, this year, weekend 2 had more surprise guests than weekend 1. Due to some of these factors, I noticed that many attendees are now contemplating that weekend 2 is now the “better” weekend. Personally, I can’t tell you if one weekend is “better” than the other. I can tell you that they are different, so the “better” weekend depends on the type of experience you desire.

When we arrived onto the festival grounds, people Charles Bradley @ Coachella 2015everywhere were screaming “Happy Coachella,” and giving high fives. Everyone was excited to embark on this three-day musical desert adventure. First, we went to the Coachella stage to see Charles Bradley and his Extraordinaire. The band came out first and the extremely talented Charles Bradley came out last. He was wearing a blue bejeweled suit. Even though his outfit did add some flair to his performance, I have no idea how he was able to wear it in that heat. His set was the best start to Coachella, providing the crowd with a soulful daytime funk to dance too. His guitarist also provided the perfect blues sound to complement Bradley’s overall performance.  As I looked around the crowd, the mood was laid back and cheery with people swaying with their loved ones. Charles Bradley then went on to say to the crowd, “Thank you for helping me, help myself.” It’s truly small moments like those that show you how music help all people involved.

Charles Bradley @ Coachella 2015   Charles Bradley @ Coachella 2015   Charles Bradley @ Coachella 2015

The next stop on the agenda was Athletixx in Heineken House. There was quite a long to get in, but to my surprise it moved fast and we were inside within five minutes.  When first walking inside you notice that the walls are lined with pictures of all the artists playing the Heineken House. The sound system was more than decent for the Heineken House. I think the bass shaking walls would agree as well. Athletixx drew a relatively good-sized crowd. As with most shows, the crowd in the front had the best energy, as they danced to the whole set. The crowd in the back was had a more relaxed vibe, as they hung out at the bar casually sipping their drinks. For those who are not knowledgeable of Athletixx @ Coachella 2015Athletixx, they are an electronic music collective consisting of Hoodboi, Falcons, Kittens, and Promnite. They were sporting their all white athletic gear, jumping around as they each took turns mixing. Their set mostly consisted of Trap and Jersey Club. Honestly, the crowd and their set were fun and I wanted to stay until the end but we also wanted to catch some of Keys N Krates’ set, so we ventured out of the Heineken House and towards the Sahara tent.

Walking towards the Sahara tent, you can hear Keys n Krates playing and see the Sahara tent completely full. We were only able to catch the last half of their set.  The three members were filled with energy and feeding off the crowd’s excitement. When they played a Mercy remix, they crowd roared and the energy was raised even higher than before. Keys N Krates definitely lived up to their hype, playing a fun-filled set with a high energy crowd that dance and sang the entire time. Towards the end the three members took a picture with the crowd and played a few more songs. They asked the crowd “Are you faded?” The crowd screamed in their response, “yes, we faded!” This led into their last song of the set, “Are We Faded.”

Ryan Hemsworth @ Coachella 2015After the Keys N Krates show, we walked over to Mojave to see Ryan Hemsworth. The entire stage was white. The tables were white, the chair on stage was white, and the makeshift clouds were white. Ryan Hemsworth eventually runs on stage in what appears to be all white track warm up suit. Blue lights illuminate the stage and the music starts to play. Everything that was once white becomes now blue. The crowd slowly starts dancing. As you look beyond Hemsworth and towards the screen, you see the interesting visuals. Three people on the side of the stage created these visuals live. All of which, were wearing all white lab coats. They brought in the props and moved the lights perfectly to give the best shadows, movements, and visuals. Overall, it was good daytime set for Coachella.  The set was light, relaxing, and mixed with hip-hop as well. To pick up the crowd energy, he played a remix of Rae Sremmurd “No Type.” By this time, the tent was still not full, but everyone that was there was dancing. Hemsworth also brought out Dawn Golden to sing their song “Snow in Newark.” At first Golden seemed somewhat nervous but you could not hear his nerves in his voice. After this performance we left to see Lucent Dossier. Some time after we left, Hemsworth also brought out Tinashe.

Lucent Dossier @ Coachella 2015 Coachella 2015 Lucent Dossier @ Coachella 2015 Lucent Dossier @ Coachella 2015
Lucent Dossier was at the Do LaB tent. The Do LaB tent is always one of my personal favorites at Coachella. This year the Do LaB tent was bigger and it seemed to be a mini-festival on it’s own. By the time we got there, Lucent Dossier was already on. With their acrobatics, costumes, and performance, their show was absolutely mesmerizing and full of energy. They also had hula hooping acrobatics, which I found extremely fun to watch. The entire audience was captivated. Behind the performers, there was netting, which was part of the Do LaB stage. The netting made the stage look like a dream catcher. As you continued to watch Lucent Dossier in their performance, you could not help but feel like you were actually in a dream. As their performance ended, they jumped around on the stage in onesies saying, “We hope you like to get freaky like we do.” Their show was absolutely magical, as always.

Next on our list was Nero at the Outdoor stage. We have both seen Nero before and because of Nero @ Coachella 2015that we knew we had to see their show.  The stage design was amazing with all of their LCD screens. As the duo came on stage, the audience knew this was going to be one of the best shows of the night. The music started off as dark, eerie, and epic. The set was steadily paced with heavy dub-step. Then, the crowd screamed when they heard the notable “Guilt” lyrics, “you keep on crying but it makes no sense at all.” Their singer was absolutely perfect and hit every note. The black dress she wore, along with her make up made her seem like a dark mysterious being from your dreams. By this time everyone watching Nero was dancing. The people in the beer garden were screaming. Their screams were followed by louder screams when “Crush On YoNero @ Coachella 2015u” started to sneak its way into the set.  Once the drop came for “Crush On You,” crowd roared. Nero then went from “Crush On You” to “Doomsday.” The people filled with excitement and energy. The girl in front of me started doing karate kicks and the man next to me shot up into the air and threw his sombrero. Soon after, “Promises” starts playing and the singer comes back out, this time in an all white dress. She looked like a Greek Goddess you hear about as a child. The crowd continued to sing with her from “Promises” to “Recluse.” Everyone at the Outdoor stage and even at the beer garden sang and danced to the entire Nero show. Nero proved to be one of the best shows of day 1 with an amazing set, incredible stage production, magnificent singer, and outstanding costume designs.

ACDC @ Coachella 2015

Back at the Coachella stage, it is packed as ACDC comes on.  As a child I would listen to ACDC in the car ride to school when my father took me.  Since I had been listening to their music as a child, this was a must-see show for me.  The famed guitarist came on stage in his navy short suit and hat. ACDC was filled with so much energy and gave everything they had in their performance.  The crowd at the ACDC set was one of my favorites. You could see a wide range of generations there singing along.

Coachella ACDC @ Coachella 2015

Back at the Gobi tent, which had chandeliers hanging from the top, was Squarepusher. He was wearing a fencing mask as he played.  His set was dark and experimental. The avant-garde visuals matched his set and at a point, I did feel like I was at an art exhibit. When they weren’t showing visuals, and they were showing Squarepusher, there was great camera work with additional effects such as fades, blurs, and screen noise. Watching the screen at this point made you feel like you were wearing some of those 3D glasses. It had a blue visual overlaying the shot of him while drum n bass played.  His set along with his visuals made me feel like I was witnessing a robot’s dream would be like (if they did dream). It was beautifully complex. In my notes I have written, “alien meets robot meets ghost at a dnb rave.” Squarepusher was an overall experience and had the most artistically interesting show of Day 1.

Squarepusher @ Coachella 2015 Squarepusher @ Coachella 2015

Article written by Dominica Murillo.
Photos taken by Lily Colovic.

#Coachella Artists Performing Weekend 1 & 2 – Episode 79: Playlist 4/7/15

Artist - Song Title (* indicates new release)

Erol Alkan & Boys Noize - Avalanche
Gonzales - Never Stop (Erol Alkan Rework)
Deorro vs MAKJ - Ready!

Deorro, Dirty Audio, iE-z - Hit It

Porter Robinson & Lazy Rich feat. Sue Cho - Hello
Porter Robinson - Say My Name

Light Year - Marcellus (What So Not Remix)

Switch - Just Bounce 2 This (Eats Everything Remix)
Girl Unit - Wut (Claude Von Stroke Remix)
Jimmy Edgar x Killy Frenzy x Claude Von Stroke - Whip it Down Girl (Mija Mashup)
Caribou - Can't Do Without You
ODESZA - Bloom
Cashmere Cat - Mirror Maru (Dehousy Edit)

SBTRKT - Wildfire
Nero - Crush On You
Plan B - The Recluse (Nero Remix)
Keys N Krates - All The Time (TOVE LO FLIP)

Ryan Hemsworth - Gods w/ UV Boi

Yellow Claw & Cesqeaux - Psycho

Flosstradamus - Underground Anthem
Sound of Rum - Give (Cashmere Cat Remix)
Gesaffelstein - Piece of Future
Djemba Djemba - I Just Go (Falcons Remix)

Falcons - Be Quiet
Jackal - Bubblegum (feat. CRNKN)

SBTRKT - Never Never (HAARPS Remix)
Gesaffelstein - Viol (MSD Remix)
Charles Bradley - The World (Is Going Up In Flames)