After seeing the likes of Nero, Lucent Dossier, and Ryan Hemsworth perform the first day, I was more than excited for my musical day 2 adventure.

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When WOLFshoes and I (Ms. Indigo Jones) returned to the festival grounds, we explored some of the Trashed: Art of Recycling bins. Trashed is a small part of Coachella’s sustainability efforts. This is where local artists are given the opportunity to create an artistic design onto a recycle bin.  These lucky artists not only have their art displayed at Coachella, but they also get to attend the festival for free.

Coachella 2015 Coachella 2015 Coachella 2015 Coachella 2015

It was almost time for Cashmere cat to come on so WOLFshoes and I headed over.  The entire tent was packed before he even came on. He was one of few artists that actually came on the exact Cashmere Cat @ Coachella 2015time stated on the schedule. The visuals on the LCD screen were all black and white giving it a simple, yet classic feel.  The crowd didn’t dance much at first but as soon as the “Do You Like” Cashmere Cat remix came on, the energy picked up. Once that song was playing everyone in the crowd was dance and singing, “Do you like….”

We left Cashmere Cat’s set a little early and headed over to interview the Trap duo, Flosstradamus. (Read Interview)

Next on our day 2 must see list was Duke Dumont. Not to my surprise, the entire Sahara tent was packed with dancing fans. I even saw the security guards dancing. Duke Dumont @ Coachella 2015WOLFshoes went up to take pictures and I stayed back in the crowd.  I’m pretty short so I couldn’t get a good look but I did see two additional people on stage, one of which was a drummer.  All three people kept a steady paced set as the attendees danced the night away.  One thing I did notice, everyone was just dancing and no one was talking. I always love it when people are respectful to the music.

A Tribe Called Red @ Coachella 2015A Tribe Called Red was playing at Do LaB. For those who have never heard of A Tribe Called Red, they are an electronic music group that incorporates their Native American heritage into their music and performance. This was my first time seeing them and disappoint. In true Do LaB style, the crowd was chanting along as they heard that recognizable Indian pow wow yell.  On stage, break-dancers were brightly dressed in classic Native American clothing. Their set was a refreshing fusion of hip-hop, dubstep, and traditional pow wow music. During their set I honestly felt that like I was at Lighting in a Bottle already. At one point of the show, I could really loose myself dancing and find myself being mesmerized by this tribal musical force. Also, the best dance crowd dance moves for all of Coachella was during this set.  Everyone was allowing their inner weirdness to come out and enjoy the sounds of the night with A Tribe Called Red.

People began to fill the Coachella stage as we awaited Jack White’s performance. His entire performance, including his band, was outstanding. As he sang and played his guitar he showed you why people consider him a musical genius. One of my favorite moments about his set was when he explained that we are all truly there for the music. We didn’t want to leave Jack White’s set but we also wanted to see all of Flosstradamus, since we interviewed them hours earlier. This is a typical festival predicament. Who do you see when all of your artists play at the same time? In this case, we chose to see all of Flosstradamus’ set.

Flosstradamus @ Coachella 2015

Flosstradamus @ Coachella 2015Walking over to the outdoor stage to see Flosstradamus was a bit of a challenge. The crowd was already packed with their HDYnation fans but somehow we made our way through to the front. As Flosstradamus came out and waved their flags, you could feel the intense energy of the crowd rising. Just like at ACDC, people of all ages were at the Flosstradamus show. The duo hyped up the crowd as they jumped around on stage with their white workout gear and combat suits. In honor of Flosstradamus’ song, the crowd broke in to mosh pits the entire night. Middle fingers were up when “MFU” came on. The crowd became a little too wild so I decided to head to the beer garden for a more relaxed crowd and a refreshing beverage.  Well, the crowd was just as wild for Flosstradamus in the beer garden as it was in front of the stage. Even though it was just as wild, we stayed because their was more dancing space. Personally, I have such a soft spot for a place with dancing room. Also, just in case you were wondering, yes there were mosh pits in the beer garden too. Once they played Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen” the crowd went wild again. I know I did, because that song is on my current playlist. At the end of their set, they thanked everyone for coming out to their set and even mentioned Kanye as guest. Later, the Coachella audience realized they were referring to Kanye’s surprise appearance at The Weekend. Overall, Flosstradamus controlled the crowd’s energy perfectly. Their set was my personal favorite for day 2.

Flosstradamus @ Coachella 2015

For the last set of the night we decided to see the legendary Annie Mac. We encountered another line but this one was outside the Yuma tent. I was not surprised though. Yuma tent has a limited entry and when a music icon like Annie Mac is playing, you would be foolish to not expect a line. This one seemed to wrap around and around, but just like then line for Heineken House, it moved pretty fast. Before I knew it, I was inside the very humid Yuma tent. Sand was on the floor, so you could slide if you wanted to. Being a person young at heart, of course, I slid as I entered onto the dance floor. When you look up in the Yuma tent you see the famous Disco Shark, which people from LA recognize from Sound Nightclub. There were also disco balls everywhere. It was dimly lit and the energy of the crowd had me feeling like I was back in Ibiza. As I look up to see Annie Mac on the decks, I notice she was in white too. I couldn’t help but wonder, was there an all white memo? It must have been because of the desert sun. Annie Mac’s set provided a steady grooving sound. Her set also had me feeling like I was already at the after party. While the floor was filled with dancers, the walls were lined with people sitting down, drained from partying all day. Annie Mac was a good choice for closing Saturday night. As her set ended, I felt content and ready for day 3.

Article by Dominica Murillo.
Photos by Lily Colovic.

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