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The second installment of Splash House took place this past weekend at the Saguaro, the Hard Rock hotel, and the Hilton in Palm Springs. For those who don’t know about the multi-venue event, in short, it is the ultimate California pool party.

Now in its third year, Splash House has become one of the more notable Southern California events of the summer.  Starting in 2013 as a one weekend event and eventually expanding to two weekends, Splash House has taken place at a few different venues (Hard Rock Hotel, The Hilton, Hacienda Beach Club, The Curve, and Caliente Tropics) but the Saguaro has been its primary home.

Trippy Turtle, Jai Wolf, Mija, Shiba San, Tokimonsta, Mark Johns, and many more talented artists were booked for the August event.  Even with the 100° weather, people were still ready to lay poolside, drink a beer or eight, and listen to amazing music with their friends. If you’re a Splash House or hotel pool party pro, then you know that booking a room with a balcony overlooking the pool is one of, if not, THE best spots for the event. Everyone is sporting his or her favorite swimsuit, shades, and smiles for both days straight.

Also, did I mention, Splash House is Floatie Heaven. From a giant soccer ball to turtles, sharks, donuts, and ice cream cone floaties, attendees come out in full floatie force.  You can even take your floatie on the shuttle ride with you between hotels. Yes, that’s right, they provide you an air-conditioned shuttle to each venue. That means, all you and your friends have to do when you go next year is book a room at one of the three hosting hotels and you’re all set; no DD required.

This weekend seemed to go smoother in regards to artists’ sets, rather than the June installment. In June, many of the laptop DJs were experiencing technical difficulties with their laptop overheating. The event promoters resolved this issue by adding a protective reflector. The only overheating moment we witnessed was during Big Wild’s set, however this didn’t negatively impact his set. Once this happened, he let his computer cool down and he moved to the front of the stage and started drumming for everyone to see.

We saw many amazing sets. Mija had one of the most packed sets, energizing the crowd, even though they had been dancing all day long… in desert heat. As I looked at the people in front of the stage and in the pool, the dancing and good vibes just kept going. Ultimately that’s all that Splash House is. It’s just good vibes, amazing music, your friends, beautiful colors, floaties, and giant pools.

When people from outside of California imagine what California is like, they are imagining Splash House even if they don’t know it.  Now, that the summer pool parties are coming to a close, we will just have to wait another year for another awesome time in Palm Springs.  Oh and remember for 2016, book a balcony room with a pool view. You won’t regret it!


Article by Dominica Murillo
Photos by Lily Colovic and Dominica Murillo

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