There is nothing more Californian than enjoying your weekend right by the Pacific Ocean, on a sunny day, listening to amazing music with your friends by your side and a beer in your hand. That is exactly what people did this past weekend CRSSD Festival.

The second of the 2-part installment took place at Waterfront Park in beautiful San Diego, CA. The lineup included the likes of The Flaming Lips, Nicolas Jaar, Jamie XX, Maya Jane Coles, Claptone, Bob Moses, AlunaGeorge, and so many more ridiculously talented artists.

CRSSD2015_Day1_FLG_Felicia Garcia
Photo by Felicia Garcia

A few days before the event, you could see the buzz of excitement online from the attendees. Some were saying, “CITY STEPS! CITY STEPS!”  Others were saying, “I need more than a 45 minute set from (insert various artist’s names)!”  No matter who was saying what, it was clear that the only thing on people’s mind was CRSSD Festival.

Upon entering, there was nothing but smiles, good music and….. the HEAT.  There were three stages: The Palms, City Steps, and Ocean View live.  Off to the side was a pirate ship. Yes, a pirate ship. A small part of everyone wished they would have had a stage on the pirate ship, although, someone would have probably fallen off in their drunken state.  On the sides of the Palms and Ocean View stage were water fountains that many of the attendees danced in during the day to cool off.

CRSSD2015_Day1_SAG_Skyler GreenePhoto by Skyler Greene

The crowd vibe was noticeably different from Saturday to Sunday. On Saturday it seemed that people were more into socializing rather than paying attention to the artists’ sets. On Sunday, the artists definitely held a better connection with their audience.  In fact, many (not all) attendees had mentioned that their favorite sets of the weekend were from a majority of artists that played on Sunday.

CRSSD2015_Day1_SAG_Skyler Greene
Photo by Skyler Greene

Many people anticipated Bob Moses’ set. The set was good, but unfortunately, there were issues with the sound equipment, which caused some people to leave. Also, Giorgio Moroder set was a little awkward. It seemed like he was joking or really mad at the crowd. On a positive note, Claptone drew a decent sized crowd and set a groovy vibe.  Ben Klock also set a perfect dance floor vibe that ultimately made him a crowd favorite. Zhu had incredible stage production. There was a slow but epic opening that left the crowd mesmerized. AlunaGeorge drew a huge crowd singing and performing with such power and force. Additionally, Aluna looked like a beautiful spirit from the future dressed in her all white outfit.  Maya Jane Coles’ set was deep and groovy per usual. Her set, both at Crssd and the after party, spoke to the dance floor. Kygo’s set drew one of the biggest crowds at the event. It was obvious that most people were excited to see him based on the size and yelling.  Dancing to tropical house as the sunset on Sunday was the cherry on top for many.

CRSSD2015_Day2_142915-7612_GST_Gabe Tiano
Photo by Gabe Tiano

Article by Dominica Murillo

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