#Marbs #BeatingHeartsYin01 – Episode 112: Playlist 12/01/2015

Marbs Beating Hearts Yin 01 Mix Premiere

“Life is all about balance. There is no light without darkness, there is no day without night, there is no good without bad … the yin and the yang. This mix explores these concepts and inspired me to start a mix series based on the yin and yang theory of life. The first edition to this series explores sounds that I love, but if you were to remove these tracks out of the mix and compare them to each other most would sound totally different emotionally. I think there’s something beautiful about that. This one leans more towards the Yin side of the theory … a little dark, a little earthy, deep, and great for winter weather. At the same time you will find beauty, light, and calmness within it. It has everything from deep house, techno, and rock to everything in-between. This is why the yin and yang theory inspired me to begin a series of mixes to express the various types of sounds I love so much and how they are all related to each other. I hope you enjoy the first edition <3” – Marbs

1 – The Love & Fear (Original Mix) – Guy J
2 – Sputnik (Blond:Ish Remix) – Public Service Broadcasting
3 – Almost Lost – feat. Karina Wilson (Doubtingthomas Remix) – Mi, Karina Wilson
4 – Arid (Original Mix) – YokoO
5 – Ghost Train (Original Mix) – SIS
6 – Slow Traffic (YokoO Mix) – Joal
7 – Free Falling – feat. Khan (Acid Pauli Clouddiver Remix) – Tiefschwarz
8 – Rosinenbomber (Original Mix) – Pan-Pot
9 – Bungalow (Original Mix) – Guy J
10 – Faith (Digitaria Remix) – Faktorm
11 – Dust (Original Mix) – Dance Spirit, David Scuba [Forthcoming on Desert Hearts Records]
12 – Silent Space (Original Mix) – Tale of Us
13 – Freak, Go Home (Original Mix) – Darkside
14 – Cactus Clouds (Original Mix) – Dance Spirit, David Scuba [Forthcoming on Desert Hearts Records]
15 – Poised (Original Mix) – Recondite
16 – Can’t Stop Believing (Original Mix) – Radiophobia
17 – My Stupid (Edit / Dub Mix) – Extrawelt
18 – Compel (Original Mix) – Recondite
19 – Spiraling (Original Mix) – Morgan, YokoO
20 – Paper Trails (Original Mix) – Darkside
21 – Subdue (Original Mix) – Recondite
22 – Last Call (Original Mix) – Kollektiv Turmstrasse
21 – Ley (Original Mix) – Recondite
22 – Mirage (Original Mix) – Dance Spirit, David Scuba [Forthcoming on Desert Hearts Records]
23 – The End (Riva Starr Retrip) – The Doors

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