5 Reasons to Attend Splash House in August 2015

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Splash House was this past weekend in beautiful, sunny Palm Springs, CA. If you missed out here are five reasons why you won’t want to miss the August Splash House!

5. It’s a chance to be a kid again.
Remember those pool parties you used to have as a child with your family, friends, and neighbors? It’s just like that but with more music, better speakers, and way more alcohol.

4. Shuttle System.
Even though the event takes place at three different venues, you can still drink as much as you like without worrying about a DD because there is a shuttle system in place.  The shuttle will take you to all venues at any time and even has free water available for the ride.

3. Outstanding line-up with the musical taste makers of tomorrow.
Splash House has some of the best artists of today as well as the innovative artists of tomorrow.  With such a line-up, we guarantee that you will love the music wherever you go.

2. The enthusiasm, positive energy, and beautiful people. 
From creative and colorful pool party outfits, to fun floaties, to decorated balconies, attendees happily add to the summer spirit of the festival.

1. It’s more than a pool party; it’s a HOTEL PARTY! 
Splash House offers hotel packages that provide awesome deals resulting in both hotels occupied with Splash House attendees. This means that the great vibes keep going even after the music stops and the party doesn’t end until you leave.

If you missed the June Splash House no worries the second round of madness is August 8-9th featuring DJs you will not want to miss! For tickets and more info visit www.splashhouse.com.

Article by Dominica Murillo. Photos by Lily Colovic.

Splash House 2015