5 Things You Must Do At Lightning in a Bottle

Lightning in a Bottle is one the few music and arts festivals that stand with mission.  Their mission is to help empower your mind, body, and soul, as well as make the world a better place. In doing so, they offer the attendees a variety of different experiences besides their awesome selection of music.  Here is a list of things we recommend you try at LiB in order to get the full experience.

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Photos from May 22 & 23, 2015

5. Try one of the crazy themed yoga classes.
If you’re new to yoga or even if you’ve been a yogi your entire life, attending one of the many yoga classes at LiB is a must. We recommend you try one of the morning classes because it’s one of the best ways to connect to the LiB community from the start and enrich your body. From Hip-hop yoga to Tibetan yoga to Fuck Yeah yoga, they will definitely have a class that suits your fancy.

4. Listen to one of the many speakers.
Sometimes, one of the best ways to improve your mind is by listening to what others have to say about their life experiences. At LiB, they have a large number of speakers consisting of shamans, oracles, and more, all of which are ready to share their wisdom with you.  We recommend that you review all the speakers a few weeks before the event.  If you don’t do this beforehand, chances are you may feel overwhelmed because LiB offers everything at all times.

3. Experience all the art.
This past year, LiB had many forms of art for their attendees to enjoy.  From the Big Horn Palace, to the Lost Tea Party, to Squared 2, to all the amazing artwork in the Do Art area, you really should take time to walk around the entire festival to view it all. All the pieces are inspiring and moving in their own way.

2. Experience all the art.
There might be a long line but the Sound Immersion Experience by Danny Goldgerg and Guy Douglas is an absolute must.  As you lay down, your body and soul unwinds as you hear the soothing sounds of instruments.  You let go of the problems of yesterday, the fears of tomorrow, and empower yourself with the potential of today. This is nothing less than a transformational experience.

1. Re-align your spirit at the Meditation Lookout.
This is just like the yoga classes. You do not need to be experienced to get the full experience. When you walk into this area, you can feel the energy of everyone else. Let that guide you as you sit or lay when you meditate. What seems like a minute can actually be an hour when your soul wanders peacefully. Personally, this was my favorite experience at LiB. When I left, my heart felt free, my mind felt calm, and my body felt ready.

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Photos from May 24, 2015

Article written by Dominica Murillo. Photos by Lily Colovic.