INTERVIEW: Marbs Talks Art & Desert Hearts

WOLFshoes and Ms. Indigo Jones speak with Marbs. He is in charge of the Desert Arts program, creates the Desert Hearts Records album artwork and he will also be DJing at the Spring edition of Desert Hearts happening April 1 – 4, 2016 at Los Coyotes Indian Reservation.

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#DesertHeartsTakeover – Episode 128: Playlist 3/22/2016

During tonight’s episode we had the opportunity to interview Marbs from the Desert Hearts Crew. We will be posting the interview on our soundcloud tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Artist – Song Title (* indicates new release)

Mikey Lion – A Taste of Desert Hearts Mix from Soundcloud

Joyce Muniz – Footworks*

Fritz Carlton – Like This

Super Flu & Viktor Talking Machine – Plastik

Latmun – Once Again

Onionz – Spaceslave

YokoO, Morgan – Spiraling

Lonely Boy – Don’t You Think



City Hearts – Keeping Your Soul Warm in the Winter

For many of us in Southern California, the festival season concluded in early November with the winter installment of Desert Hearts.  Lucky for us, the Desert Hearts crew decided to keep the festival vibes strong through the winter season by announcing their second City Hearts – Winter is Coming Tour.

The first stop on the tour was at LA’s very own Belasco Theater this past Saturday night. Before walking in, we were presented with a beautiful metal Desert Hearts necklace. The crew decided to give away DH necklaces to the first 300 people to enter the event. Nothing says, “welcome to the Desert Hearts family,” than receiving one of their iconic DH necklaces. We went straight to the main floor and the vibes were strong. Everywhere you looked there was a special something happening that was absolutely captivating.


A giant multi-colored heart encompassed the DJs with a beautifully lit up CITY HEARTS sign below them. The stage production was similar to that of the festival. On both sides of the stage were platforms where some performed light shows and where others just danced their little booties off until 4am. Throughout the night, aerial performers took to the stage, soaring high above the DJs and crowd. Also hanging high above, were the on-screen visuals. They were well thought out, artfully done, and just as mesmerizing as the beats and the aerial performers.

As you looked in the crowd, you could see that the attendees did not treat Belasco as just another venue. They treated it as their (festival) home in the city. Many of the people were decked out in their festival gear and smiles. There were even totems. Yes, totems… in a small LA venue. They were official Desert Heart Totems and there were many for you to choose from. The DH crew brought them and set them against the walls for the crowd. Paintings and live art also lined the walls on the sides and in the back.  The art was psychedelically spiritual and some of the most iconic art pieces were also screen printed on sweatshirts.


The tone set by the steady house and techno beats blended with the positive attitude of the crowd resulted in those iconic Desert Hearts vibes that everyone talks about. The set times for the night were:
9 Desert Hearts Crew
11 Lee Reynolds
12 Porkchop
1 MikeyLion
2 Marbs
3 Deep Jesus


Per usual, each DJ brought their personal style to the dance floor but kept the vibe steady. My personal favorite for the night was Lee Reynolds. He truly helped set the tone for the night and gave the dance floor that “home sweet home” feeling that all music lovers continuously search for. By the time Porkchop took the decks, the back of the stage was filled with people.  Throughout the entire night the dance floor was never empty, and the groove was never-ending.

Ultimately, this night was just what you needed to keep your soul warm and cozy in the winter. If the City Hearts tour is making stop near you, you owe it to yourself to go.


Article by Dominica Murillo
Photos by Lily Colovic


#Marbs #BeatingHeartsYin01 – Episode 112: Playlist 12/01/2015

Marbs Beating Hearts Yin 01 Mix Premiere

“Life is all about balance. There is no light without darkness, there is no day without night, there is no good without bad … the yin and the yang. This mix explores these concepts and inspired me to start a mix series based on the yin and yang theory of life. The first edition to this series explores sounds that I love, but if you were to remove these tracks out of the mix and compare them to each other most would sound totally different emotionally. I think there’s something beautiful about that. This one leans more towards the Yin side of the theory … a little dark, a little earthy, deep, and great for winter weather. At the same time you will find beauty, light, and calmness within it. It has everything from deep house, techno, and rock to everything in-between. This is why the yin and yang theory inspired me to begin a series of mixes to express the various types of sounds I love so much and how they are all related to each other. I hope you enjoy the first edition <3” – Marbs

1 – The Love & Fear (Original Mix) – Guy J
2 – Sputnik (Blond:Ish Remix) – Public Service Broadcasting
3 – Almost Lost – feat. Karina Wilson (Doubtingthomas Remix) – Mi, Karina Wilson
4 – Arid (Original Mix) – YokoO
5 – Ghost Train (Original Mix) – SIS
6 – Slow Traffic (YokoO Mix) – Joal
7 – Free Falling – feat. Khan (Acid Pauli Clouddiver Remix) – Tiefschwarz
8 – Rosinenbomber (Original Mix) – Pan-Pot
9 – Bungalow (Original Mix) – Guy J
10 – Faith (Digitaria Remix) – Faktorm
11 – Dust (Original Mix) – Dance Spirit, David Scuba [Forthcoming on Desert Hearts Records]
12 – Silent Space (Original Mix) – Tale of Us
13 – Freak, Go Home (Original Mix) – Darkside
14 – Cactus Clouds (Original Mix) – Dance Spirit, David Scuba [Forthcoming on Desert Hearts Records]
15 – Poised (Original Mix) – Recondite
16 – Can’t Stop Believing (Original Mix) – Radiophobia
17 – My Stupid (Edit / Dub Mix) – Extrawelt
18 – Compel (Original Mix) – Recondite
19 – Spiraling (Original Mix) – Morgan, YokoO
20 – Paper Trails (Original Mix) – Darkside
21 – Subdue (Original Mix) – Recondite
22 – Last Call (Original Mix) – Kollektiv Turmstrasse
21 – Ley (Original Mix) – Recondite
22 – Mirage (Original Mix) – Dance Spirit, David Scuba [Forthcoming on Desert Hearts Records]
23 – The End (Riva Starr Retrip) – The Doors

DESERT HEARTS: Three Year Anniversary Festival Lineup

Desert Hearts Announces Lineup
for November 5-9
Three Year Anniversary Festival

Lineup Includes : Claude VonStroke, J.Phlip, Doc Martin, Andreas Henneberg, Marc Houle, Kate Simko, Olivier Giacomotto, jozif, Mark Henning, Nitin, Sabo, Atish, Goldcap, David Scuba, Tara Brooks, Dance Spirit and more plus Desert Hearts Crew DJs Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds, Marbs, Porkchop, and Deep Jesus

Desert Hearts

Desert Hearts will once again gather their loyal followers in the SoCal highlands to bask in an extended 100 hours of nonstop House, Techno, and Love at their Three Year Anniversary on November 5th-9th. As visionaries within the alternative festival movement and purveyors of a unique 4/4 sound, DesertHearts has curated a wide reaching exposé of industry leading talent for their biggest event yet.

The likes of Claude VonStroke, J.Phlip, Doc Martin, Andreas Henneberg, Marc Houle, Kate Simko, Olivier Giacomotto, jozif, Mark Henning, Nitin, Sabo, Goldcap, David Scuba, Tara Brooks, Dance Spirit and more will join the infamous Desert Hearts Crew DJs Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds, Marbs, Porkchop, and Deep Jesus.

Emerging from the ethos of Burning Man while channeling the global sound of House and Techno, Desert Hearts has reimagined the festival vibe, paving the way for the micro-gathering movement currently sweeping the nation. It is this imaginative yet radically grounded spirit that has earned them the praise of media outlets like Billboard and The Wall Street Journal to Forbes and VICE.

2015 has seen great strides for Desert Hearts with a slew of releases from their newly minted Desert Hearts Records, which has been established as a free label. They have also launched their urban crusade, City Hearts, and its “Summer of Love Tour” has seen the crew touching down and selling out iconic venues in Brooklyn, Toronto, San Francisco, Denver, Los Angeles, and San Diego, with more dates on the horizon.

The reaction to the City Hearts tour and the label show that Desert Hearts is no regional phenomenon, and that their driving principles of House, Techno, and Love are capturing hearts and minds from coast to coast. We Are All DesertHearts.

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