10 Reasons to Camp at Coachella

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If you’ve never camped at Coachella before, next year might be the year you should.  Camping at the festival is better than ever. Here are 10 reasons why you should camp at Coachella next year!

1. Proximity to the festival. If you wake up late after a long night partying and you want to see (Insert band name here) in 30 minutes, no sweat, you still have a chance at catching most of their act with time leftover to grab a Redbull and a churro.

2. Never miss a Snap, Gram, Tweet or whatever the f*** you’re into. The connected lounge and cell phone charging station keep your phone juiced up and connected to the world beyond Coachella.

3. The campsite provides showers, a beauty bar and even a barber shop for anyone who may have forgot to trim their bush before trekking out to the valley.

4. Games, games and more games! If you’re feeling in the competitive spirit the activities tent is where you want to be. The tent offers free games like pin ball, connect four and twister. Other activities include human Foosball, dodge ball and a snowball fight.

5. When hunger strikes after your third PB&J, the food trucks and organic farmers market will not let you down offering variety and quality meals.

6. If you’re still amped after the festival, camping offers late night parties thrown by the campers themselves, the Silent Disco and the Jive Joint with surprise performances. In 2015, Super Tall Paul and DubFX stopped by. If you’re ears are blown out but you still crave music, the Turn Down Tent provides a comforting place for campers to lay down and listen to soothing electronic beats.

7. Camping forces you to meet new people from other walks of life that you may have never met otherwise. The campsite is an international community like no other. Who knows, you might make some new friends or meet the love of your life.

8. Feeling less than limber? Give yourself a nice stretch while working out your core at one of the campsites Yoga or Pilates classes.

9. Are the bands filling you with inspiration? Get creative at the Coachella Art Studios! You can draw a stranger, create a wood block instaprint or even create a pin to support your favorite band.

10. When Coachella has come to an end and you no longer have a need for your outdoor shower or tent the campsite offers Donation Centers where you can donate your old camping gear.


Photos and article by Lily Colovic